directed by Giuseppe Bisceglia

screenplay: Maurizio Amendola

editing: Giuseppe Bisceglia 

producer: Camillo Esposito

production: Capetown srl

Status: development

with the support of Piemonte Doc Film Fund 2019

film run: 62' 



SYNOPSIS This is Anna Camillini’s story. Annina, for everyone who knew her, in Turin. Crazy Anna, for the rest of the world. This is the story of a happy young woman, too happy for those who promised to love her, to protect her. Locked up in Collegno’s mental institution, she’s been released thanks to Basaglia’s law. Once she gets out, Annina gets merried with a man who took advantage of her money. Thanks to her neighbor Gualitero, a real friend who helped her, she wasn’t completely alone. And she dances. Everywhere she could hear some music, and everybody starts to film her. This is the beginning of the legend. An Annina’s video has been shared on social networks by the rapper Puff Daddy: Annina becomes a web star. Writers, musicians, resi dents of an entire

neighborhood can tell some stories about her. Even the Turin’s mayor joined her funeral, even a marching band was giving the last goodbye to her joy and craziness. Our joy. Our craziness.


DIRECTOR’S NOTE Annina fights against the judging animal we bring inside. Ann ina is a black mirror where we look at our distorted face. There is a Franco Basaglia’s quote, saying “looking close, nobody’s normal”. We can use this sentence to direct the intents of our movie about Anna Camillini. Beside research and biographical reconstruction there’s a study and an interpretation of our past and contemporary society. Annina will be a documentary movie 60 minutes long, it will be a little bomb, a little room where everyone’s dancing, a lough made by who was filming her, a tear cried when they said she was dead. Annina will be her kiss she used to give on your cheek. Tenderly, endlessly Annina.


BIO-FILMOGRAPHY OF THE AUTHOR Italy, 1985.Giuseppe Bisceglia has written and directed since 2010, following on his humanities background. He won Canne's Lion Craft with the adv Diadora Free to be me in 2013. Since 2015 he teaches filmmaking at Scuola Holden in Turin.