Hotel Sacromonte (doc)

da un'idea di Corrado Ceron

Durata: 52'

Location: Granada (Spagna)

In sviluppo



There is a surreal and suspended world at the gates of Granada, in Southern Spain. A world populated by a group of people, a radical community which believes in the common necessity to abandon the "normal" and conformist society we all live in, and to devote themselves to a life beyond consumerism. A community living into caves in the belly of a mountain (Sacromonte, precisely): a group of marginalized, banished, outlawed, persecuted people. They live without the basic facilities brought by modernity (electricity, water or gas), away from the city that can be seen from above; they are completely out of the system and they contemplate its demise, its contradictions, its conflicts.

It is a community that resists strenuously against the policy of destroying the cuevas (caves) in order to transform them into a luxury hotel for touristic use. These caves have an historic and cultural value because they are the cradle of the Flamenco music and, during Catholic domination, have become a refuge and hideout for gipsy and muslim communities. Now Sacromonte is populated by artists, artisans, musicians, students, travelers, migrants, all united to save these historic ruins from the authorities, who have repeatedly attempted to cover their homes with stones.