directed by Elisa Inno

screenplay: Elisa Inno

producer: Camillo Esposito

production:  Capetown Film srl

genre: film documentary

status: (development)

Location: Campania, Puglia, Francia

run film: 80'




Synopsis Italy, June 1959. An anthropologist leaves for a mission in southern Italy in search of tarantism, the ancient evil sent by Saint Paul through the bite of a tarantula. The poison provokes obsessions and possessions to the victims; the only antidote is an ancient musical exorcism called pizzica pizzica and a miraculous pilgrimage to the Saint Paul church in Puglia. Annabella Rossi holds for thirty years cameras and sound recorder, telling through magic and occult rites a part of the old southern Italian society branded by a social Stigma and erased from history. Between 1959 and 1980 she filmed, photographed and interviewed many characters: Anna is one of the last victim of tarantism, with whom she had a deep epistolary relationship for 8 years; and Giuseppina, the holy founder of the cult of Glorious Albert, shot after her big popularity. Annabella tells her own story in the last days of her life, broken by a terrible sikness in 1984, during her last research. For thirty-five years her vast archive has been buried at the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions in Rome and will be unveiled in 2020.

Director's Bio: Graduated in Cinema at RomaTre University and in Documentary direction at INIS – National cinema school of Montreal, since 2009 Elisa Flaminia Inno writes and directs documentaries for festivals, tv and theatrical. Her films have been presented in many international festivals such as Vision du Reel (Switzerland), Cinema du Reel (France), Film Femmes Mediterranee (France) IDFA (Netherland), Filmaker, (Italy), Rendez vous du cinema quebecois (Canada), Cardiff Film Festival (England), MasterDoc (Usa). Her last documentary Pagans (o.t. Pagani, 2016, Italy) has been distributed in Italy by Istituto Luce Cinecittà, in France by CNC and has been shown in educational events in Usa, Canada e Russia.

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