the woman who reopened the theatres

Directed by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti

screenplay: Francesco Ranieri Martinotti

producer: Camillo Esposito

production:  Capetown srl con il sostegno di Regione Toscana - Toscana Film Commission, Sensi Contemporanei e del MIBACT

in collaborazione con il Teatro Politeama Pratese

set design: Francesca Leoni  

year: 2019/2020

film run: 60'

country: Italy


Director note 

SinosThe story told, with a quixotic character, is that of Roberta Betti, a Prato entrepreneur who saved the Politeama theater in Prato in the 1990s from being transformed into a garage. The theater, built in the 1920s by Bruno Banchini, champion of elastic ball, the most popular sport at the time, boasts among its designers the engineer Pierluigi Nervi. Roberta Betti managed to stop the building speculation which threatened to meet the historic building, constituting a city committee that, through a collection of funds, bought it back and returned it to the city, relaunching its theatrical activity at the same time. The well-known journalist and TV presenter Maurizio Costanzo also helped save. He invited Roberta Betti to several episodes of his show.

"I came to know about this story thanks to a friend who is passionate about theater" says director Martinotti "and I immediately thought that in an age where culture is mainly financed by private sponsors it was important to tell about a theater saved by municipalities citizens, lovers of culture and entertainment ".