directed by Peter Marcias

screenplay: Gianni Loy

cast: Francesca Neri, Moisè Curia, Giancarlo Catenacci, El Moudden Ahmed, M'Kaddem Abdellatif, Piero Pia, Ayad El Houcine, Chajire Azeddine

cinematography:  Alberto Lopez Palacios, Maurizio Crepaldi, Luca Silvagni

Fonico: Davide Sardo, Fabio Russo, Giuliano Marcaccini

costume design:Loredana Buscemi

set design: Roberto Conforti

editing: Andrea Lotta

music: Stefano Guzzetti

producer: Camillo Esposito

production: Capetown Film, Ultima Onda Produzioni, with the support of Sardegna Film Commission Foundation

distribution:  Istituto Luce Cinecittà [Italy], Kino Polska Tv [Poland] Vod, Tv, Kino Polska Tv [United States] Vod, Tv 

year: 2015

film run: 80'



In the port of Cagliari, 16 Moroccan workers are governing a ship. They govern their work. They renounce, voluntarily, on their freedom, hoping to preserve their work and to recover the wages in arrears. The ship is their temporary home, where they sleep, eat, pray, observe Ramadan. In Rome a University teacher has “forced” a young student to follow this story. For reasons of study, but also for reasons of “life”. Maybe Salvatore will learn something by this affair. Or maybe not… 


festivals & awards:

Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival 2015: Mediterranean Long Narratives Competition - Opening film

Festival do Cinema Italiano no Brasil 2015

Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema - Pesaro 2015: Special Event

Milano Film Festival 2015: The Outsiders

São Paulo Italian Film Festival: Contemporary cinema

Festival Internacional de Cine de Merida Y Yucatan 2016 Messico

B.A. Film Festival 2016