directed by Peter Marcias

screenplay: Marco Porru

cast: Beatrice Margiotti, Riccardo Suarez, Lilly Palmas

music: Stefano Guzzetti

producer: Camillo Esposito

production:  Capetown Film, with the collaboration of Sardegna Film Commission Foundation

genre: animation film

year: 2016

 film run: 10'

 country: Italy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



A boy lost his dog, he will find a new friend to run like wind.


festivals & awards:

Italian Film Festival USA 2018: Children's Program; 

Giffoni Film Festival 2016: Elements +6

Italian Film Festival Cardiff 2016; Clorofilla Film Festival 2016

Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2016

Annual Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) 2016; 

Italian Film Festival di Cardiff 2016; Bogotá Short Film Festival 2016

SIFFCY 2016: In Competition; Children's Film Festival Seattle 2017

Redcat - Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater - Los Angeles 2017

BAM – Brooklyn 2017; Festival Corti da Sogni 2017

Busan International Short Film Festival 2017

International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults in Iran 2017

São Paulo Italian Film Festival 2017: Cinema contemporaneo