directed by Valerio Vestoso

screenplay: Valerio Vestoso

producer: Camillo Esposito

production:  Capetown Film, with the collaboration of Mibact, Campania Film Commission, Regione Campania (Piano Cinema 2018), 

genre: fiction

status: (in preproduction - on the set 2020)

Location: Napoli


director note

"Le Buone Maniere" proposes two noble aims. The first is to use the sharp weapon of humor to strike a blow against criminality, told always and only in a documentary key. Fully embracing the philosophy that genuine laughter hides a layer of bitter truth, this short has the desire to highlight the cowardly and ridiculous aspects of the Camorra system, depriving them of that arrogance that makes it emulable. In this case there is only to pity him, period. The second objective concerns the materialization of the superiority of the word on the weapon. For centuries, silence has been pointed out as the best way to delinquent expansion. Well, our little great hero, Mimmo Savarese, makes his dialectical talent a Trojan horse to disintegrate the ten-year structure set up by the Barracane family. A very high gesture, disturbing and beautiful at the same time, which makes him a special person.